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April Colonic Deal

Deal Options:
Expires: August 30, 2019
Non refundable & No transfers


3 Colonics for $69 Each  (NEW CLIENT)  

3 Colonics for $65 Each (RETURN CLIENT)


1. April Colonic Deal runs April 1-30. 
2. All Deals are Non-Refundable. Non transferable. Cannot
    exchange for another service or products. 
3. Specials must be purchased thru Paypal. Paypal account
    must be in client's name or business name. No refunds
    provided with Paypal transactions.  
4. Clients have until August 30, 2019 to use
5. Please note: When you pay in advance for this deal, 
    you are considered a prepaid client.
6. Prepaid clients can book online for all business days
    except Thursday & Sunday's.
7. Booking Online: Genbook (our online booking system)
    requires a credit card in order to reserve the appointment.
    Please note your credit card is NOT being charged. It
    simply holds the appointment.     
8. Note: If you do not call or show up for an appointment,
    you simply lose the colonic. Clients must cancel
   appointments 24 hours in advance.

Sorry, no apppointments available on Thursday's

or Sunday's for prepaid clients. Sensational Touch has  

limited Saturday appointments. Please review our 

business hours & contraindications before making

this purchase.  

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